Intergenerational Art

Our volunteers take part in the Intergenerational Art at St. Hildas Church of England Primary School Stretford.

Our Stretford volunteers were given an amazing opportunity to join in with this Intergenerational Art Project which saw children, parents, governors, staff and members of the community, including our volunteers working together to produce beautiful stained glass panels.

The project was inspired and led by artist Karen McDougall who gathered pencil sketched ideas from the children as well as verbal ideas from older members of the community.

Our volunteers were involved in every stage of the project from black outlining the drawings to colour flooding and final touches.

The panels are on permanent display at the school, St Hildas church, as well as a local elderly persons, care home.

Our volunteers were delighted to have been involved in the project and loved working alongside the children. “ It’s been such fun !” said one volunteer whilst another commented, “ I never thought the panels would look so professional. I’ve learnt so much art through being involved.”

Our chairperson, Sue Mosco joined in one session saying “ Outlining was so much harder than it looked. The children were so much more skilled than me !”

A perfect intergenerational project. Well done St Hildas and THANK YOU so much for the opportunities you gave us.