We’re 20 in 2020 !

This year to celebrate Intergen’s 20th anniversary in 2020, the schools are collaborating on a project with the theme:

Generations Growing Together

Displays can include people and/or nature to demonstrate growth and connection. The project will be a celebration of how valuable a contribution our volunteers make to the schools and how much they receive in return.

We hope the schools will be creative and involve both old and young. They can choose what to use, such as fabric pens or paints, tie dye, embroidery silks, yarns, collage, batik, tie dye or other forms of dye or materials. We are able to provide funds for materials and equipment of up to £10 if receipts are provided.

Panels need to be completed and returned to Intergen by Wednesday 25th March 2020, although they can be returned earlier.