Bringing older and younger
people together

how we make a difference

At Intergen we

• Create partnerships to benefit students, older people and teachers

• Work with schools to build community links between all age groups

• Encourage learning and well-being

• Reduce ageist stereotyping

• Promote 'learning as fun' for everyone

We know it works because

• We have reports and information about our practice, outputs and outcomes. The most recent is an evaluation report carried out by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Institute for Health & Community Psychological Research Team, Research Institute for Health & Social Change.

• We started with a handful of volunteers and one school now we have over a hundred volunteers in over twenty schools.

The MMU report says

• Older people feel more valued

• Volunteers become part of school & local community

• Older people and students form relationships in and out of school

• Students get additional training & learn new skills

We love it when Intergen volunteers help because they help us understand things we don't understand

Pupil (Oliver year 6)

It's real fun and I have to say it's saved my life! I was at my lowest ebb and my grandson found Intergen-Trafford on the internet. I've done 8 years and never looked back. You have laughter and tears


It's wonderful having older people in school, it gives the staff and children a real feeling of community

Head Teacher